The Top 5 Reasons to Live in Boulder

Reasons to live in Boulder
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If you’re looking for an excellent quality of life, a health and fitness culture, a great community, and the youthful energy of a college town, Boulder, Colorado checks all the boxes. Boulder is the perfect amount of urban living surrounded by mountains and provides wonderful access to outdoor recreation opportunities. While there are numerous reasons to live in Boulder, here are our top 5. 

The Mountains

Boulder boasts 360 views of the iconic Flatirons. While strolling down Pearl Street, you can grab a Starbucks and then walk to a trailhead for a hike in the mountains. Boulder is that close. Drive another 20 minutes west up the canyon, and you will be at Eldora Ski Resort. Even better, Boulder enacted building height restrictions years ago so you won’t have to worry about a skyscraper blocking your alpenglow view. Did we also mention Boulder has over 300 days of sunshine? Enjoy mountain views for days (around 300 to be exact). 

Outdoor Recreation 

Boulder outdoor recreation

Boulder has won numerous awards for being one of the best towns for outdoor recreation from publications such as Outside Magazine and USA Today and for good reason. Boulder is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts ranging from professional athletes to the active weekend warrior. Mountains, lakes, streams, and canyons makeup Boulder’s landscape. There are numerous trails, National Parks, open space and a ski area. The residents treat the outdoors as a way of life. It’s not uncommon for Boulderites to run, hike, or bike to work. It’s also not uncommon to get passed by an Olympian on your morning bike commute. 

The Food

Boulder might be fit, but it’s also a haven for foodies. Finding great restaurants in Boulder is as easy to find as a professional athlete or PhD – they’re everywhere! The food scene in Boulder is competitive and restaurants not up to par typically phase out quickly. While you really can’t go wrong, some of our favorites are Pica’s, The Kitchen Next Door, Rayback Collective and Bartaco. If you’re feeling fancy, Oak, Brasserie Ten Ten, Black Cat and Jax Fish House are all fabulous options. Post up at one of the many restaurants for happy hour and strike up a conversation with your neighbor. You may find they are training for the olympics or completing their PhD in neuroscience. 


Boulder was ranked one of the “Smartest Cities in America” by Luminosity magazine and Bloomberg ranked Boulder as the number one city for “Concentration of Brainiacs.” Boulder has one of the highest percentages of people with PhDs in the country and ⅔ of the residents have at least their bachelor’s degree. With smart people, comes innovation and good jobs. Boulder is home to multiple startups and big companies such as Google, Amazon, IBM, and Ball Aerospace. The University of Colorado is also one of the leading universities in aerospace and exercise science research. Industries such as software, biotech, natural foods, outdoor products, and recreation are thriving in Boulder. With this comes good company and plenty of jobs. Living in Boulder, you will never have to worry about being the smartest person in the room. 


The Accessibility 

Boulder commute in the snow

Since Boulder is located 20 miles from a major city, Denver, you can enjoy the convenience of being close to a large city and an international airport yet you are far enough away from the hustle and bustle. Most Boulder residents have all the conveniences they need in Boulder and rarely leave unless they are making the 30 minute trek to Denver International Airport. Boulder boasts an impressive walkability score meaning you can ditch your car most days and walk, hike, run or bike to your destination. On snowy days, the public transportation options are top notch. Score some environmental karma and brownie points with Boulderites by ditching your car.


If you need more reasons than this, Lovato Properties is here to answer any of your questions. Between the gorgeous landscape, foodie haven, walkability score, outdoor activities, and innovation, Boulder is the perfect place to put down roots. We have lived, walked, raised a family and proudly breathed in Boulder air for over 20 years. As Boulder experts, we would be more than happy to help find you roots in our charming mountain town. Reach out to our team of real estate experts at Lovato Properties. 

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