Selling This Summer? Get Set Up For Success.

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It’s that glorious time of the year – Summer time! School is out, swimsuits make their way to the top drawer, and mental well being is on the rise. With the change in weather, many homeowners also crave a change of scenery. Because of this, it is the peak home-selling season. If you are planning on selling in the summer, you’re not the only one. Summer typically brings an influx of listings as well as an influx of buyers. While the market may be as hot as your driveway asphalt, there are steps you can take to prep your home to get the best value possible. 

Home Improvements

Even with a hot asphalt on a summer’s day market, it is imperative that you do any improvements needed ahead of time, especially ones that will most likely come up during inspection. It doesn’t mean that you need to completely gut your kitchen for a full remodel, but even slight improvements go a long way especially if they pose a safety risk. This could be as simple as fixing the broken steps to the deck, repairing that leaky toilet or doing paint touch ups. Buyers can decide to pass over very simple things sometimes. Keep in mind that improvements to kitchens and bathrooms are what most buyers value. We have been seeing homes selling for over asking price and if a new homeowner is going to pay top dollar, they want the home in working order. Even a fresh coat of paint goes a long way! 

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal

With more millennials entering the market, curb appeal should be prioritized. Millennial buyers want to walk into a property with minimal work. They also value the “vibe” of the home rather than its future potential. If they feel good vibes about the property, they are much more likely to put in an offer. This also holds true for most buyers. Life is busy as it is, extra work is not something most people want to take on after a move. A couple of ways to achieve this is to plant some flowers, keep your grass cut, and trim shrubs and bushes. 


Similar to your home’s exterior, the interior is not somewhere you can slack off. By hiring a stager to come in and set up your home, it can increase your value tremendously. Just because you love your decorations you bought from a street vendor in Mexico, does not mean that a potential buyer will find them appealing. That is where the stager comes in. They set the home up using trendy furniture, designs, and artwork that reflect the selling season. A professional stager has tremendous knowledge about the industry and through their experience they can really see the space in a buyer’s eyes. In fact, many of our sellers are blown away about what a stager can do to their space and wish it was set up similarly when they originally moved in. 

Focus on Outdoor Space

Outdoor space

If you have outdoor space, now is the time to shine. Do not hesitate to pull all the stops to really highlight the exterior spaces around your home. Buyers want to picture themselves in your home and during the summer, most people are outside a lot. Since outdoor space is not traditionally thought of as often as indoor spaces, they are often left in the dust by homeowners. Staging should also include the outdoor areas. Some tips include creating more spaces if possible, clearly defining the space such as an outdoor dining room table, and doing something to create a lifestyle such as building a fire pit for social gatherings. Investing the time and money into your outdoor oasis usually pays off in spades. 

Summertime is a great time to sell and we hope these sizzling tips help you put your best foot forward. 

Where do you begin? If this seems overwhelming, that is where our team can help! At Lovato Properties, we know the best contractors, stagers, and landscapers to get your home in tip top shape for the summer selling season. What are you waiting for? Reach out for a free market analysis. 

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