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Boulder, CO in the fall
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In Colorado, summers seem to fly by. One minute we are packing away our Patagonia fleeces and Sorel boots and changing our wardrobe to shorts and Chacos and the next we are getting our first snowfall. Like your wardrobe changing in the fall, your home should be going through a fall transition too. Not only will your decorations be changing, but you will need to be thinking about home maintenance. In this article, we will go over some tips and tricks to make sure your home transition is as smooth as a pumpkin spiced latte on a crisp fall day.  

Deep Clean

Society has been spending a lot of time at home in 2020. As clean and clutter free as we try to be, our houses have been well used. Fall is the perfect time to thoroughly clean. Start by putting away summer wardrobes, organize your stuff you ordered on Amazon through quarantine, pack away the art projects your kids did throughout the summer, and pull out snow gear so you will be prepared to make snow angels during the first snowfall. If things are really bad, consider hiring a professional. 

Check Your Heat

If you’ve been in Colorado long enough, you know one day could be 90 degrees and sunshine and the next day could be a blizzard. Check your heat to make sure it is doing its job correctly and safely. You may need to schedule an annual check up on your furnace. And don’t forget to change your air filters! 

Identify Drafts

Boulder, Colorado is not known for new construction, and with that comes drafts. Make sure to check your windows and doors for air seeping through that could drive your heating bill through the roof. An easy way to check for drafts is to hold a lit candle up to windows and door edges. If you notice any flickering, there’s air leaking through. Seal it up with caulking repair or seal replacement. 

Check Alarms

Make sure to replace batteries and check the functionality of all smoke and carbon dioxide alarms. You want to rest assured that if you forget to blow out that candle or leave pumpkin pie in the oven too long, you will have fully functioning alarms. Check the alarms after you replace the batteries. 

Clean Your Fireplace


Unfortunately, this is a common one homeowners skip. Chilly nights are ahead, and as much as we are all looking forward to a warm fire, it’s important to get your fireplace cleaned ahead of time. The result can be disastrous. Many house fires are started because fireplaces and chimneys are not cleaned. Make sure to have this done before you throw in your first log. 

Clear Your Gutters

As soon as the leaves have finished falling, have your gutters cleaned by a professional. This is important, especially with the snowfall in Colorado. You will want to make sure that as soon as the snowflakes start falling, the water flows away from the house to avoid ice jams and flooding. 

Give Your Lawn Some TLC

Similar to your house needing TLC, your beautiful outdoor oasis needs some work too. Clean up any dead or dying branches, prune trees and shrubs, and make sure to rake leaves to avoid lawn suffocation which creates those ugly brown and yellow spots. Fall is also a good time to seed your entire lawn which will give you richer and denser grass come spring. The more time and effort you put in now, the better off you will be when we’re ready to transition into spring and summer. Don’t forget to have some fun and jump in the leaves before you compost them. 

Bring the Outside in

Pumpkin patch in Boulder

As we transition into fall and winter, this typically means spending less time outside even for the most outdoorsy Colorado folks. Studies have shown that bringing outside plants in improves mood, productivity and concentration. The autumn colors also spruce up your home and make it feel festive. Make it a fun activity with kids by walking outdoors and picking up things to put into vases.

The fall brings crisp fall air, golden aspen leaves, pumpkin spiced everything, and leaves. Lots of leaves. In between the beauty fall brings, it is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and prepare your house for colder months ahead. We hope this article has brought you inspiration!

At Lovato Properties, we are real estate experts. We love to share our knowledge with homeowners and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about transitioning your home from summer to fall! Reach out to us anytime. 

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