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March 15th, 2020 0 Comments

As we navigate through uncertain and scary times, we must remember what is important – the wellbeing of ourselves and the community. In the last few weeks, our world has been turned upside down. Our friends, family members, and neighbors have been stocking their shelves and putting themselves into self-quarantine to prepare for a global pandemic.

While the coronavirus cases in Boulder County are low, it is a very real possibility that the situation could change in the coming weeks. The Center of Disease Control (CDC) is predicting that the spread is inevitable and we will probably know someone who will be affected by this virus and Tom Hanks doesn’t count!

As we spend quality time with our families indoors, we begin to wonder how others around us are coping. While the virus is not affecting children and mildly affecting healthy individuals, what about our vulnerable peers such as our elderly neighbor, the immunosuppressed mother battling cancer, or an uncle living with cystic fibrosis? This could be OUR grandparents, wife, or uncle. What about the soon to be overloaded health care providers putting their lives on the line so others may recover? We must start taking action now.

How can we do our part to support our community? Here are some ways we can help.

1- Support the elderly.

COVID-19 is affecting this demographic around the world hard and elderly folks are scared and nervous about the future. As neighbors, we need to step up and help. This can include delivering groceries and medicine, checking in on them (from a distance), and offering to help with any daily tasks they may need. Start by going around to your elderly neighbors’ homes and offer support.

2- Do your part to “flatten the curve.”

Many of us are not worried about getting sick. We may be young and healthy and walking around with no symptoms. This does not mean you are not a carrier of the virus. The CDC recently sent out a report that many people are spreading coronavirus days before having any symptoms and many people are testing positive with hardly any symptoms. By only going out when necessary and practicing impeccable hygiene, you can help reduce the spread, potentially saving lives.

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3- Support local businesses.

Small and medium sized local businesses are going to be very affected by this potentially for many years. Restaurants operate on a small margin and one weekend of no business could mean the end of their business. We can support them by buying gift cards for future use and ordering take out or delivery while we are confined to our houses. Better yet – take your elderly neighbor’s order and deliver them food as well.

4- Take what you need.

Before buying all of the gluten free noodles from Whole Foods, think about the community members who may have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease. The same goes for other items such as toilet paper. Do you really need 100 rolls of toilet paper? Unless you have a family of 20, consider other folks who may need a few extra rolls.

5- Donate to food banks.

Schools are closed and many children rely on school to get their breakfast and lunch. Boulder County is setting up food banks to those families affected by this. Did you stock up on 20 cans of organic soup? Consider donating a few of them to families in the community. You can learn how to donate and/or volunteer here.

Stay Calm

The most important tip is to stay calm. Remember – we will get through this together. It is up to us to help stop the spread and support our community members. We must put our personal needs aside for a few days or weeks for the greater good of the world.

This is the perfect opportunity to spend time with our immediate family, start a new hobby, catch up on Netflix, learn a new language, laugh at coronavirus memes (we have to keep some humor going, right?) and most importantly lend a hand to those who are more vulnerable.

At Lovato Properties, we are here for you. We are in this together and we will all come out stronger and more connected than before. Now go wash your hands, do something nice for your neighbor, and play another game of monopoly.

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